The gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be good news for all people of every background. 

But for a variety of reasons... market forces, institutional biases, and copycat business trends, to name a few... most of the music branded as Christian on the radio has tended to reflect only a narrow band of Christian expression.

To be fair, most commercial radio stations -- Christian or secular -- only play a limited number of songs by a few high-profile artists. But the unfortunate side effect of this is the unspoken assumption that this narrow scope of cultural and artistic expression, commonly referred to as CCM (contemporary Christian music) represents all of American Christianity. 

Alas, it does not.

Most music historians or musicologists will acknowledge the impact that African-Americans and other people of color have had on American popular culture, particularly through the music genres of gospel, blues, R&B, jazz, and most recently, hip-hop. It is not an exaggeration to say that hip-hop music and culture has become the dominant cultural element in American pop culture.

Most Christian radio formats, being influenced by this shift, have started to account for this diversity, but only with a few token songs by a few artists.

THE FLIP RADIO SHOW is here to flip that format on its head. 

We lead with a healthy dose of contemporary gospel, hip-hop, rhythm-and-praise, and urban pop, and include a smattering of CCM to round it out. Our format exists both to elevate the marginalized artistic voices (including, but not exclusive to people of color) that have traditionally been underrepresented in Christian radio, as well as to provide a rich buffet of music for a community of people with like-minded tastes who have been traditionally under-served.

Simply put, it's Christian music with an emphasis on the beat and the groove. 

THE FLIP RADIO SHOW is for people who think that "Christian" as a descriptor shouldn't be synonymous with "boring or bland." It's for people who think that all God's children should get music that helps them in their faith journey, regardless of their racial, cultural or demographic background.  

So if you're tired of the same old narrow slice of Christian expression, cross the cultural divide with us. Take a listen to THE FLIP RADIO SHOW -- Christian Music from the Flipside.

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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