The #ChurchWakeUpChallenge is On

Celebrate weekly worship by bumping the Samm Henshaw single, "Church."

So if you've paid attention to what we've been playing in our main drivetime sets The Morning Drive and Jam the Drive, you know that we are really feelin' Samm Henshaw's latest single, "Church."  

School's out, but church is year round. So we think it's time for another ridiculous social media challenge, and here it is. Y'all have from now until the end of June to meet the#churchwakeupchallenge. 

What is this challenge, you ask? It's simple.

FIRST, like and/or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter [ we're @flipradiomusic on all three ].

SECOND, record a video waking up a loved one from sleep by *blasting* the chorus of this song at full volume. (Bonus points if it's on a Sunday morning, and/or there are dance moves involved.)

THIRD, upload that video either to this Facebook page or to Instagram or Twitter (tag us on IG/Tw to make sure we see it).

The winning entry will receive a $40 Starbucks gift card, so you can get some help waking up in time for church. :) 

As a way to make the show more sustainable, we've decided to move away from the 24-hour streaming format and instead create one show that we can potentially syndicate to other stations.

Like any good radio station, FLIP RADIO would not exist if it weren't for great music. And for that, we thank the many artists we play, but also many of the other supporting figures in the music industry that make it possible for us to play their music.

One of those partners is our record pool, XRP...

At FLIP RADIO we got a lot of questions about the station, and though people don't often come right out and say it, many times there's an underlying question to whatever they're asking about, which is: "is FLIP RADIO right for me?"

It's been almost a week since we took the plunge and started sharing this site and the streaming link to friends on Facebook, and it looks like we're slowly starting to get some traction.

Did you know that there are all sorts of funny names for radio promotional audio clips? Sweepers, jingles, zingers, sandwiches, even hot pockets (okay a few of those I might've made up).

FLIP RADIO is called that because it aims to take the status quo of the typical Christian radio format and flip it on its head. Instead of playing "Christian hits" that amount to mostly white, mostly guitar-driven pop music with a smattering of diversity thrown in, we START with diverse artists, centering specifically on artists of color in...

Our platform, Live365, has a great feature that makes it easy to start streaming music. It's called Auto DJ, and it's exactly what it sounds like. You give it a series of parameters surrounding how often and in what order you want your music played, and without having to generate playlists, the system will start playing whatever music you've...

Hey y'all... it's FLIP RADIO founding DJ Jelani Greenidge, aka G*Natural. Since I was a young man, I always wanted to have a career in radio, but when I became an adult in the beginning of this century, I set that dream down.

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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