Listen to an episode, and report on its effect on your life.

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Eris Pursley

"There is a sameness to mainstream Christian music stations, whether it's contemporary or gospel, that becomes boring to hear. In the one week I've listened to Flip, the truly diverse music has led me to feel far more joy and inspiration than I can remember feeling from music. This is now my go-to station for a faith and emotional pick me up."

Tori Rask

"It's impossible to be in a crummy mood after listening to Flip Radio. Upbeat and uplifting, it gives me a chance to hear Christian music that isn't available to me through my local Christian radio stations. My kids enjoy it as well and I'm grateful for the opportunity to expose them to a greater diversity of musical styles and influences."

Darrell Raymond

DO YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? Do your eardrums? Flip Radio has you covered! If "Christian Radio" typically means the music that White Christians produce and listen to with an occasional nod to Black and brown Christian artists, this station flips those ratios on their head. Here you have uplifting (and bangin!) sounds that heavily focus on Christian hip-hop, R&B, and Gospel music, with nods to house, soul, blues, jazz, Latin, reggae, and pop. The tracks are expertly curated and are consistently high quality both sonically and lyrically. It's a refreshing, encouraging, head-nodding, powerful listen every time. This is Christian radio finally made relevant to modern, multicultural America.

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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