Who is FLIP RADIO For?


At FLIP RADIO we got a lot of questions about the station, and though people don't often come right out and say it, many times there's an underlying question to whatever they're asking about, which is: "is FLIP RADIO right for me?"

Thankfully, you do not need to consult a doctor to find out if FLIP RADIO is right for you. Instead, you can consult this convenient list!

Here, in no particular order, are a partial list of the kinds of people that FLIP RADIO is designed for. (This is not an exhaustive list, and can be updated at any time.)

21 Kinds of People for Whom FLIP RADIO Is Right For Them:

  1. People who love contemporary gospel music and Christian hip-hop

  2. People who only kinda like contemporary gospel but LOVE Christian hip-hop
  3. People who got into Christian rap like it was kind of a fad during their high school and/or college days and would be surprised to find out that it's, like, still a thing
  4. People who think Christian rap starts and ends with Lecrae. (Spoiler alert: It didn't, and doesn't.)
  5. People for whom rap or hip-hop isn't really their thing, per se, but they have loved ones who are crazy about the artform and would rather they listen to something positive than the typical hip-hop / R&B that's played on commercial radio
  6. People who know the difference between hip-hop and rap music
  7. People who don't know the difference between hip-hop and rap music (but are open to learn).
  8. Doug Forcett.
  9. People who are tired of listening to Christian radio stations that are excessively boring, acoustic and/or Caucasian.
  10. Moms and dads who want to play fun music while their kids are in the car and are sick of the Hamilton soundtrack
  11. People who say that they like hip-hop but really their only frame of reference is the Hamilton soundtrack, which, while amazing, isn't really the same thing (and thus, for ethical reasons, should experience a broad swath of hip-hop culture to justify their diversity-promoting humblebrags).
  12. Churchy people who think their music tastes are current but all of their references for "new" music are circa 2003
  13. Conservative people who love God and want people to know that they might be conservative but that doesn't mean they're racist
  14. Liberal people who love God and want more diversity in their music
  15. Liberal people who don't care about God but love black music in general (and who might actually learn something if they pay close enough attention to the lyrics).
  16. Churchy people who love gospel music but who act like they're too good to listen to hip-hop when they're at church, even though when their friends from work are making Beyonce and Jay-Z references, they mysteriously seem to understand all of them as though they've seen all of those videos.
  17. Aspiring artists in the contemporary gospel, Christian hip-hop and/or urban pop genre who want to get a shot of inspiration.
  18. Aspiring artists in the contemporary gospel, Christian hip-hop and/or urban pop genre who want to find out if their new single is getting any airplay
  19. Christian hip-hop artists who were big in the late 90s and into the 00s but have since faded into semi-obscurity and want to know if anyone is still listening to their music (you know who you are).
  20. People who need help getting up and moving in the morning and need a shot of audio goodness instead of another cup of coffee
  21. Whatever kind of person YOU are
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