Well, the news is out!


It's been almost a week since we took the plunge and started sharing this site and the streaming link to friends on Facebook, and it looks like we're slowly starting to get some traction.

Starting on October 17th, we've gotten a sharp uptick in all of the engagement metrics ... website visits, clicks and shares on the Facebook page, and most importantly, listener hours. It's my goal to get to 100 likes, 300 page views and 500 listener hours before the end of the month.

If you're here reading this blog that probably means you're totally invested... you're listening to the stream, you're drinking the kool aid, you'd be wearing the T-shirt if we had one to sell. (We don't yet, but uh... stay tuned.)

Well on behalf of all of us at FLIP RADIO... thanks for joining us on this journey!

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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