So here is the logo.


FLIP RADIO is called that because it aims to take the status quo of the typical Christian radio format and flip it on its head. Instead of playing "Christian hits" that amount to mostly white, mostly guitar-driven pop music with a smattering of diversity thrown in, we START with diverse artists, centering specifically on artists of color in contemporary gospel, hip-hop, and urban pop. 

So the logo is an attempt to reflect that idea. We started with the Jesus fish to communicate that, at the heart, we have the same goals as other Christians -- to glorify God and promote lives of faith and service to Christ. And I used primary colors of red and blue to signify the cultural, political and racial divide in America, to show that we all have many important things in common.

But the arrows and the colors indicate a clear changing of priorities and tastes. Rather than trying to convince the previous gatekeepers of the virtue of promoting and centering diverse voices who for generations have been either overlooked or locked out of the Christian music promotional machine, we simply decided to make our own station to honor our own people's stories, traditions and voices, and in so doing, we offer an alternative vision of what it means to be Christian in urban America.

Hopefully, this logo communicates that.

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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