It started as a dream.


Hey y'all... it's FLIP RADIO founding DJ Jelani Greenidge, aka G*Natural. Since I was a young man, I always wanted to have a career in radio, but when I became an adult in the beginning of this century, I set that dream down.

I saw that opportunities in terrestrial radio were drying up, and corporate radio was dominating the airwaves, something I wanted no part of. As I continued to integrate music into the fabric of my life and ministry (as a worship leader and emcee/producer), I always wanted to see and hear more radio stations that could combine my two main musical languages, gospel music and hip-hop.

Earlier this year, I got tired of waiting. I found Live365, a platform that allows people to create their own internet radio stations, and jumped in. I did a free week trial, and then paid my monthly fee to start.

Keep your browser locked on this blog for more updates on how this station will take shape.

FLIP RADIO | Christian Music from the Flipside
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